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eRoutes Applications  

: Agricultural

Real-time Information System - Critical Information on the Status of your Agriculture Operations

eRoutes has real-time information and traceability capabilities for agriculture works.

harvester GPS  Tracking the Haul of Produce with RFID Technology.

The AgTag application automates tracking of crop harvesting. The solution combines the best of GPS, RFID and wireless communications technologies to provide real-time visibility into field harvesting activities anywhere, any time. Using this solution, growers and harvesters can track the exact location, timing and efficiency of each harvester, as well as the arrival, loading and departure time of crop transport vehicles. The harvesting of crops is a time-sensitive operation that requires coordination between growers, harvesters and transportation vehicle operators to obtain the maximum yield from each harvest. Reliance on current manual tracking methods can hinder coordination and slow work flows in the field, adversely impacting product quality.

Trucks are detected at every stage of the transport process. At the machine an installed RFID reader detects the truck that is being loaded. At the scale, our patent pending PrintUp capture device reads the truck load tickets when they are printed and transmits that data to eRoutes. When the truck arrives at the processing/storage facility we detect it using RFID readers at the entrances to the facility. When the truck is dumping we detect which one is dumping by installing RFID readers at the dump site. The truck arrival time and location are sent through cellular networks to eRoutes servers.

RFID harvesting A Geographic Information System is part of AgTag and gives very detailed information regarding the location of every machine in the field. Through AgTag portal, graphical information about the machine and trucks is shown and provides data related to the load such as Truck ID, Machine ID, field, grower, GPS location, speed, etc.

Detailed timing analysis, in the form of a Gantt chart or a table, provides time of arrival at the machine, time of loading, time of departure from the machine, transport time to the scale, time waiting at the scale, time of unload at storage/processing, time spent unloading, time of departure from the storage/processing and finally transportation time back to the machine. The distance covered by the machine with a truck and the position of the machine when the truck loads are also provided.

RFID Technology

AgTag uses 'ILR' (Intelligent Long Range) active tags. This technology features a field loop marker providing two detection ranges: a long range of about 300 feet and a short range of about 10 feet. With this technology waiting trucks are detected around the harvester while the truck being serviced is singled out. MINDS Inc. and RFID leader IDENTEC SOLUTIONS ( have established a partnership to bring this technology to the operations of the agriculture industry.