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Automation Applications  

: EmulTronic™

EmulTronic™ is an advanced emulsion plant control system, modified bitumen control system and liquid terminal control system. All functions of running a terminal or plant are handled, from unloading trucks or rail car of raw materials to mixing and blending, storing, heating, loading out and printing tickets of finished product.

The human interface is designed around a 3D representation of the plant that shows the exact configuration of pipes, valves, pumps, mixers, tanks, etc.. All important information are readily available for an easy and straightforward understanding of the plant status.

The system can be setup with or without manual controls in parallel to the automation inputs and outputs. With an experience of more than 20 years in terminals, modified bitumen and emulsion manufacturing process MINDS delivers the most advanced solution on the market backed by and experienced team of software and field engineers.

Customer references regarding large and smaller projects are available.

Emultronic User Screens


  • Retrofit onto existing plant or install into a new facility
  • Complete automatic production control with manual bypass capabilities
  • Raw/Finished product storage inventory
  • Truck/train load-in/load-out
  • Raw/Finished product tank management
  • Production logging and traceability
  • Optional backup hard disk drive for virtually No Down-Time
  • Control of tank heating
  • Ultrafast process regulation and outstanding quality control
  • Integration to Accounting/Billing System through Tessera™ Loadout option



The central unit is a PC compatible computer housed in an industrial casing. It contains the microprocessor board and the hard drives which contain the software and the data needed to operate the plant.


  • MINDS custom hardware designed and built in Canada, supported for more than 17 years insures continuity and support.
  • Single board plug and play (XIO) replacement part.
  • Software customization included; you don't have to live with what others decide is best for you.
  • Industrial plant computer and double backup system virtually guarantying no down time.


"The plant control system that MINDS designed for us has worked very well.

The graphics depict the plant almost identically as built and are very easy to follow from the control room.

Each valve is shown with its position indicated by colors that make identifying issues, such as a stuck valve, extremely easy.

Blythe Construction Article read it for yourself.

The materials that we have produced with the system have been very consistent from the first production run. Also, MINDS been very responsive to any issues that have been identified and can dial into the system and make adjustments easily."

Allen Hendricks - Vice President, Blythe Construction, Inc.

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